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Meet the Chinese Goopad mini, a clone of the iPad mini (yes!)

In addition to producing most of the iGadgets which are sold worldwide, the Chinese are also responsible for most clones of Apple products. And they are fast, very fast.

Goopad mini

O Goopad mini, from the same creator of the Goophone i5, promises to bring a design similar to the iPad mini with an 8-inch screen, processor dual-core with 1.4GHz, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, in addition to two cameras (front and rear).

To further complete the blatant clone, Android 4.1 running on the device comes with a custom theme called iLaunch, which mimics the appearance of iOS. The Goopad mini arrive in November and cost $ 100 in a version with Wi-Fi.

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(via Gizchina)