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Measure your heart rate with just the iPhone and monitor your heart with the Brazilian app Heart Care

The time has passed when excuses for not taking care of health were accepted for lack of information or access to monitoring tools.

Nowadays, with any smartphone, you can easily obtain and manage the deepest details related to your body and mind.

And, to help you measure and monitor your heart rate just using your iPhone, you can download the app Heart Care.

Heart Care app icon

Focused mainly (but not only) on cardiac and hypertensive people, this app helps the user to measure the heartbeat only by leaving the finger on the rear camera and the flash. The app reads and, in a few seconds, shows you the result. Then, you still have the opportunity to indicate how you are feeling at the moment (happy, calm, tired or anxious) and what you were doing before taking the measurement (waking up, light activity, intense exercise or eating).

As soon as you install the app, I need to fill in some general information about you, such as date of birth, weight, height, sex, city and also some details regarding your health, such as your blood type, whether organ donor, diabetic, cardiac, hypertensive and if you have a health plan, you can also discriminate against it.

The application is very well done and organized, and synchronizes the data with the Sade application (Health) of iOS. In the main tab, you can tap to take a new measurement, you can see a timeline of beats already registered, call the ambulance or have access to first aid information, which I thought was great. In addition, you can still register medications, exams and appointments so that the app sends you alerts to take any medication or when an appointment is about to happen. In another tab, you can see your measurement history in more detail and filter for days or months.

In the ?Viva? tab, there is a collection of publications by both the app team and partners, with tips on health, food and better quality of life. According to the creators, soon the application will also have the possibility to measure blood pressure and detect cardiac arrhythmia.

Heart Care has a partnership with IBM Watson, ABIIS, SUS, the Ministry of Health and more. The app is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, expanding to other languages ??soon. You can download it for free from the App Store.