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iPhones with 512GB, dual-SIM and without Apple Pencil support; check out the latest predictions!

After Bloomberg to give their thoughts on Apple's launches, it's time to Ming-Chi Kuo (from TF International Securities) reinforce some of its forecasts.

6.1 ? iPhone

The most attentive analyst in the world Apple said again that the new 6.1 ? device, with LCD screen, will not be released with his brothers with OLED screen. See that "launched" different from "presented".

Everything suggests that we will meet the three new iPhones on September 12th (more on that below), but the model with intermediate screen and ?more affordable? price would arrive at stores later (Kuo does not specify, but we can estimate that this it would happen in October, since the 5.8 ? and 6.5 ? models will all hit the market in September).

One or two chips?

Also according to Kuo, both the 6.1 ? and the 6.5 ? model will have options of one or two chips, allowing the simultaneous use of up to two phone lines. This, however, will be reserved only for some regions / markets (such as China). Also according to the analyst, the iPhone of 5.8 ? will also have a physical space for SIM card and an eSIM (the electronic SIM, however, would not be activated by Apple).

In stating this, Kuo confirms a suspicion for all of us: that Apple will work with a physical chip and an electronic one instead of placing two SIM card trays on the devices. We will now see in which regions / countries this model dual-YES be marketed. Brazil would be a good candidate.

A12 chip

For the analyst, all three new models of iPhones will use the A12 processor including the iPhone 6.1 ?, which would have an aluminum structure instead of stainless steel and only a rear camera, in order to keep its price more competitive. That is, at least in performance, the three models of 2018 would be matched.

Other features

Ming-Chi Kuo Predictions for 2018 PhonesMing-Chi Kuo predictions for 2018 iPhones

According to the information in the graphic above, OLED iPhones will have three capacity options (64GB, 256GB and 512GB), while the LCD will have two (64GB and 256GB). The rear cameras of the iPhones OLED would be identical (double) and they would have a 4 × 4 MIMO antenna, while the 6.1 ? model would have a 2 × 2 MIMO antenna.

The screen resolutions would be as follows: 2688 × 1242 pixels (6.5 ?), 2436 × 1125 pixels (5.8 ?) and 1792 × 828 pixels (6.1 ?); OLED models would have 4GB of RAM, while the LCD would come with 3GB.

The 6.5 ? iPhone battery would have 3,300-3,400mAh; that of the 5.8 ? iPhone would have 2,700-2,800mAh; and, although the 6.1 ? model is larger than the 5.8 ? model, it would have a slightly smaller battery (2,600-2,700mAh) due to a single cell OLEDs have a double cell.

Prices were $ 900-1,000 for 6.5 ?, $ 800-900 for 5.8 ? and $ 600-700 for 6.1 ?, and OLED models would come in three colors while the LCD screen would be available in five.

Apple Pencil support

Recently, we covered a rumor that claimed that iPhones with OLED screens would support Apple Pencil. Kuo, however, tried to say, at least for him, that will not happen since the experience of using the pencil on the smartphone would not be the best.

Presentation event

Regarding the Apple special event, Kuo believes that the company should hold it during the week of September 9th which is fully in line with recent rumors that it will happen on 9/12 (a Wednesday), with the pre-sale of iPhones starting on 9/14 (Friday) and iPhones themselves (at least those with OLED screens) arriving at stores on the following Friday, on 9/21.

In addition to the analyst, French radio Europe1 it also believes (based on information from its own sources) that the event will take place on 9/12. In other words, another big name betting on the date.

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors