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IOS's involuntary touch recognition system is improved due to the thin edges of the iPad mini

The edges present in iGadgets, especially on iPads, help prevent accidental touch while the device is held. However, we always end up touching the touch screens a bit. For this reason, iOS has an involuntary touch recognition system, which already works very well today.

iPad mini from the front

The iPad mini has much smaller edges than those of its bigger brothers, being possible to hold it with just one hand. In order not to harm users, Apple announced that it has further improved the system that differentiates intentional touch from involuntary touch.

Rethinking the screen meant that we also rethought the software behind it. The iPad mini recognizes whether your finger is simply resting on the screen or if you are interacting with it.

This is just another example of how Apple pays attention to details and how hardware and software always go hand in hand on Ma devices.

(via TNW)