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iOS 11 is already installed in 65% of all iGadgets in use

Apple today updated its official graph that shows, based on actual accesses to the App Store, the percentage of iPads, iPhones and iPods touch that are running the latest version of its mobile operating system.

Just over two months ago, when we talked about it for the last time, the iOS 11 was in 52% of iGadgets in use. Today, that number has already jumped to 65%:

IOS 11 Adoo

IOS 10 has already dropped from 38% to 28%, which shows that some people who updated it came from previous versions, possibly also consumers who switched iGadgets old by new.

Google also has a similar chart, from Android:

Android Adoption Chart

The last version, the 8.x ?Oreo?, was launched on August 21 of last year; iOS 11 came out on September 19, almost a month later. And yes, ?Oreo? is only 0.7% of all Androids in use.

Even if we add the percentages since Android 6.x ?Marshmallow?, which from October 2015 (at the time of iOS 9), we haven't even reached 56%. really another world.