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Instagram news includes warning of screenshots in stories, Direct activity status and more

Another week, another wave of news on everyone's favorite photographic social network (or not). O Instagram he is receiving some more resources, some of them requested by a total of zero people, and we will look at them in the next paragraphs.

First, the WABetaInfo site that is dedicated to informing new features of WhatsApp, but seems to be expanding reported that the social network incorporates another mode in its copied, I mean, ubqua tool of Stories. The function "Type" (?Type?) to focus, as the name itself says, on written messages, placing a solid background to highlight your phrases or short texts.

There are a few different looks (one of them, called Typewriter, simulates a typewriter and is very elegant) and it is also possible to place a background photo with a very heavy filter so as not to obfuscate the text in place of the standard images. You can also mention other users in your texts, and they will be able to repost the content in their own accounts throughout the 24 hours it is available.

Another future novelty found by the site can be a little discouraging for stalkers and plant oddities: soon, the network will warn you when a screenshot is taken from any of your stories. Currently, the network does this only when a user captures the screen of a conversation or content sent via Direct, but now the resource will expand to public stories, too.

Screenshot notice of Instagram stories

For some reason, however, Instagram notifies the user only after you take the second screenshot of their content, the first one remains on the house. Which, in my mind, doesn?t make sense but why question it, anyway?

The above two features are still in the testing phase and may take weeks or months to become widely available; the next two, in turn, are already being released to the public right now. The first of them is a small change in Direct, Instagram instant messaging service, which show the activity status of your contacts in the same way that it already occurs in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

New Instagram Direct activity status

When you open your list of conversations, below the name of your recent contacts will appear in another section of the last message, but your status for example, "Online now" or "Online 5 minutes ago". It is possible, as with the other Facebook messengers, to disable this option in the settings, which means that neither other people will be able to see your status nor you will be able to see theirs. We didn't ask, I can confirm that.

Finally, the TechCrunch reported that Instagram is partnering with GIPHY to include GIFs with transparent background in stories. The elements may be included in your photos or videos as if they were ordinary stickers, and the catalog has been specially cured so as not to present offensive or inappropriate results (which has already happened in iMessage, with unspeakable results).

New transparent GIFs from GIPHY on Instagram

And, what did you think of the news? Fun or just another step towards orkutizao from Instagram?

via The Next Web, Cult of Mac