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Google promises to simplify liability terms. And you want users to read them

Google's liability terms will be easier to read. The company will amend the current "legal contracts" on March 31 to remove some of the mystery in which the current texts are involved.

The technological giant recognizes that the documents are still written in a very complex language and that is why efforts have been made to simplify them. This time, the company used definitions and links to make it easier to understand the documents.

In addition to this specific effort, Google promises to start communicating better, so that many of the terms and periods indicated in the terms become clear. In addition, the company undertakes to be more proactive in communicating changes to the terms and important dates for the user's relationship with the company's services, so that it will resort to a notification system to alert the community about imminent changes. in the terms.

These first changes will cover Chrome, Chrome OS and Google Drive.

This change aims to increase the number of people who, in fact, read the terms of use it accepts, so that the reasons why changes were made to the contract for the use of a given service – whenever (and when) that does so to happen.

The move will not rest those who criticize the company's choices regarding its privacy policies, but the company hopes to be able to make them more transparent.