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Google CEO talks about the importance of exploring China

Google CEO talks about the importance of exploring China

Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, publicly commented on the company's plans to re-enter the Chinese market through a product targeted at searches and news. In celebration of Wired's 25th anniversary, for an audience, the executive said the new service would be able to handle 99% of inquiries. Pichai said that the Chinese market is "important for us to explore", because of its size and also because it should become the largest and most profitable population on the planet.

"We want to know what it would be like if Google were in China," said Pichai. "Very early, we don't know whether we will do it or we will be able to do it in China, but we felt it was important for us to explore. I think it is important for us, given the importance of the market and how many users there are. "

This is the first time Pichai has commented on Google?s plans for China and it all happened during a conversation with journalist Steven Levy. The Google project, entitled Project Dragonfly, is limited to internal leaks and conversations by Google representatives with Congress.

Google CEO talks about the importance of exploring China.Google CEO talks about the importance of exploring China.

Pichai describes the company's plans as preliminary, and everything is still talking, and the work should be intensified over the months. It is worth mentioning that several Google employees signed an open letter for the company to abandon the project. In addition, Congress and the White House have also expressed disapproval, saying the project is a potential threat to democracy and a way to "strengthen the Communist Party's censorship and compromise the privacy of Chinese customers," said Mike Pence.

Shortly ago, scientist Jack Poulson resigned and publicly criticized the company. "I was compelled to resign from my position on August 31, 2018, following an unethical and unexplained decision-making pattern of the company's leadership," wrote Poulson in his letter of resignation. "This culminated in the refusal to disclose information about the Liblula Project, a version of Google Search adapted to the Chinese government's censorship and vigilance requirements ".

Well, let's wait and see what Google really wants to present, if you don't give up halfway.

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