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Google and Facebook together against fake news

Google and Facebook together against fake news

As we well know, the internet is full of so-called Fake News, that is, fake news, which can influence people's lives. This still generates a lot of discomfort among technology companies, mainly Google and Facebook. The good news is that this week the two companies announced partnerships that promise to combat the problem even more.

This time, Google and Facebook joined the Trust Project, or Projeto Confiana, in free translation. This is an initiative of the Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Santa Clara, in the United States, which aims to define standards and also list the attributes of web pages that must be included to be considered safe.

Google and Facebook together against false news.Google and Facebook together against false news.

The big problem with fake news is precisely the source of information, so for the Google search algorithm and the Facebook news feed it is difficult to distinguish credible media organizations committed to journalism from blogs that are maintained by a group of people interested in just access to make money at any cost.

The two companies said they will follow a set of indicators developed by the Trust Project to be able to identify whether the sources are reliable or not. The indicators include explicit descriptions of who finances the page, the values, work methodology, type of content, history of the authors, and other references.

The Google search engine, for example, will give greater credibility and prominence to the sites that make clear the indicatives listed by the Trust Project. Therefore, in order to keep appearing in the Google feed, the ideal is that the pages regularize their information.

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