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Find out the uptime of your iPhone / iPad with this free utility

Know the uptime that is, how long has it been since you last shut down / restarted the computer on the Mac? Just open the Terminal (in the / Applications / Utilities / folder, or by typing its name in the Spotlight search) and type, guess what, the uptime command.

But what about the iPhone / iPad? Well, now that there is a ?Terminal for iOS?, an alternative is to use it and type the same command. But another simply download a free app that brings us that information.

Like this one, here:

System Status app icon: hw monitorScreenshot of the System Status app: hw monitorScreenshot of the System Status app: hw monitor

As you can see in the image at the top of this article, my iPhone X is, according to System Status Lite, for more than ten days running without being shut down or restarted. And the cool thing is that it also shows exactly the date and time it happened last time.

But, in addition to uptime, the app also brings us battery status, storage usage, CPU usage, network connection details, as well as Wi-Fi and cellular network information to which you are connected.

If you want even more system data, in order to control everything about your iGadget, System Status also has a version Pro, paid, on the App Store:

System Status Pro app icon: hw monitor

via OS X Daily