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Boost your smartphone or tablet with 6 apps. They are all free

To bring new energy to your smartphone or tablet there is no better way than installing new applications. That is why the SAPO TEK team tests dozens of new applications every week to bring you the best suggestions.

Go through the proposals that we leave here, for iOS and Android, and have fun!

D prioritize digital well-being and change your online lifestyle with Digitox

The application allows users to check how much time they spend on their mobile devices and set daily usage limits so that they can enjoy more of the less digital side of life.

If you feel that the time you spend on your smartphone is having a negative impact on your life, Digitox can help you cultivate more responsible usage practices, with a view to your digital well-being. The application allows to measure the time spent on the mobile phone, allowing to give more priority to important moments in life.

The application presents a set of tools specially targeted for those who want to do a digital detox. Users can check how much time they spend on their smartphone or tablet and set limits on daily usage. Digitox also offers reminders to refresh the memory of the most forgotten.

Spending too much time in front of the smartphone can become problematic. In 2019, an investigation presented at the Beyond the Future conference revealed that 28% of Portuguese people assume that they are dependent on their mobile devices. According to the information released, 86% of respondents regularly use smartphones or tablets on the street, in the bathroom and also while watching TV, and about one teroconfirm adverse effects on sleep quality.

The digital detox is a trend that has been growing and, with the entry into 2020, more than 40% of European internet users revealed that one of their resolutions was to change their online lifestyle. The reduction of time spent on gadgets was one of the goals pointed out by the majority of respondents to a survey conducted by Kaspersky.

Smartphone users with the Android operating system who want to dedicate more time to the less digital moments of life can download Digitox for free from the Play Store.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint are brought together in a new Microsoft app

Creating documents becomes a simpler task. Through the application you can, for example, take a photo of a document and transform it into an editable Word file.

The promise had already been left by Microsoft in 2019 and now it seems that it is materialized, with the launch of a new app, which for now is still available only to Android users. The application is free and combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint, going further than OneNote already did.

The Office application combines the three systems, betting on new features as well as resources already available. The app integrates simple features, such as creating and editing an Office document together with others and in real time, but it also offers exclusive features of mobile devices that facilitate the creation of easier documents.

Among the practical advantages, the application allows you, for example, to take a photo of a document and transform it into an editable Word file or, in the case of Excel, to take a photo of a table. In the case of PowerPoint, you can always let Office help create a presentation, being able to select the images you want to use from your mobile phone. You can also scan images to PDF and even scan QR codes.

When you sign in with a Microsoft school, personal or professional account linked to an Office 365 subscription, you will gain access to premium features in the application. As for the official launch of the app for iOS, dates are not yet known.

The application is available on Google Play Store free of charge.

Today, or whenever you want, you can grab your smartphone and be the tattoo artist of service

Lover or not of tattoos, with the Ink Inc. app, more of a taste of the finger on the other side of the barricade, that is, as a professional in drawing on the skin.

The task in this application is to be seen as a game in which the accuracy of the trace is evaluated. Along the way there are several designs to overcome, among hearts, mustaches, stars, boats, dolphins, flowers and the force.

As usual, at the beginning the facilities are greater and filling is king: just put the machine in the right place and press it to fill. Believe that things get more complicated when you start having to make the contours

This will not be the supreme sum of the possible games related to tattoos, with their rather crude and basic designs, but it is also true that they are not so easy to poke (someone will save us results like that in real life!). Whoever has lived closely (or usually lives) with this universe, will certainly recognize the noise of the machine.

Ink Inc. is a recent addition to the app world and is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices.

Turn your smartphone into a fishing rod

Fishing Clash: Fishing 2020 encourages virtual fishermen to duel to catch the biggest fish in the ocean.

Fishing can be a relaxing and calm activity, but it can also be frenetic when competitions are held, whether to catch quantities of fish or the largest and heaviest specimen. this is exactly what the smartphone game Fishing Clash: Pescaria 2020 proposes, encouraging players to join an elite fishing club, to participate in tournaments to collect trophies.

The game features appealing natural settings, inspired by North American landscapes. Competitions start in Florida, followed by Alabama Lake, Gunterville, the Kenai River in Alaska, where salmon and trout fishing are required.

This title aims to realistically simulate the fishing process, starting with the 3D models of the fish. Those who understand fishing will recognize fish such as catfish, sea bass, sun fish, trout, salmon, barracudas and even sharks. It will be possible to play on the high seas, float, ice and other techniques. There are championships against other players and the gameplay is intended to be simple and intuitive.

You can download Fishing Clash: Fishing 2020 for free on Android and iOS versions.

Create a GIF to your liking? In this app creativity has no limits

If you are one of those who use and abuse GIFS in conversations with your friends, this app can be a good way to create new content.

The time when the only element of messages on the Internet was just text has passed history and now there are many resources that can make conversations "understandable" even without words, including emojis or stickers. But GIFS are also an option used by many users and with the GIF Creator app it is easier to produce new "works of art".

There is no doubt that on platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp or InstaDirect you can choose between several GIFS. However, the likelihood of not finding one entirely to your liking can be great and therefore nothing is better than creating your own.

The GIF Maker application allows you to create GIFS using content such as an image, video or printscreen. From there, you can, for example, combine multiple images into a GIF and compress the final result to reduce the file size, with the app offering several options and allowing you to share them on social networks, namely on Messenger, Facebook or WhatsApp.

In addition, edit another application option. Adjusting the playback speed or changing the amplitude are some of the features of the GIFS creator.

The application is free and available on the Google Play Store, but with the premium version you can have access to exclusive features.

Ready to test your coordination? Quadracade challenges you to complete 4 retro games simultaneously

In Quadracade, the player can find games that take inspiration from titles like Atari's Paperboy and Breakout, Nintendo's Punch-Out, and even Tetris. But you have to have "lynx eyes", quick and quick fingers, as well as good coordination to win.

Have you ever imagined bringing classic arcade video games together in one mobile title? One of the latest games to come on the App Store manages to do the feat, but not at all: Quadracade challenges you to try to complete four retro games at the same time.

Created by Kieran Haden, the programmer behind Kikixel Studios, Quadracade is an authentic challenge to the coordination and attention of those who play it. In the game, the screen is divided into four panels, each with a retro-inspired mini-game chosen randomly by the system. The player will have to have lynx eyes and quick, quick fingers to reach the end of the challenge, as there are also time limits.

When starting Quadracade, the player only has access to a limited number of virtual cartridges, but as he progresses and earns points, he can unlock more than 30 mini-games. The user can find games that take inspiration from titles like Atari's Paperboy and Breakout, Nintendo's Punch-Out, as well as the classic Tetris and Space Invaders.

To make things a little easier for those who can't get the hang of playing four games at once at dizzying speeds, Quadracade offers the possibility to start in slow mode and even extra slow. In addition, several power-ups and boosts are appearing that could help you earn more points or an extra life.

The most curious can download the application for free from the App Store, for iOS, and the Play Store, for Android devices.

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