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Apple wins design patent for Steve Jobs Theater

O Steve Jobs Theater is one of the great recent creations of Apple, as we have detailed in this post. The formidable (and indeed appropriately named) auditor of the Apple Park a work of art in its own right, and now Ma is gaining an important recognition for space: a series of patents related to the project.

The patents refer specifically to the appearance of the external part of the auditorium, the ?spaceship? covered with curved glass and the disturbingly flat roof above them and the access methods to the theater itself, that is, the circular glass staircase and the elevators customized. This architectural style has even been adopted by Ma (to a lesser extent, of course) in some of its stores around the world, such as Apple Kunming (in China).

That is, if architects want to copy Ma's style in the face while the patent is in effect, they may face problems with justice. And we, of course, will be able to see the Steve Jobs Theater (from afar, obviously) again in a few weeks, when Apple presents its new iPhones unless the company chooses another location for the presentation, which is unlikely.

As the Patently Apple, Ma also won other patents in the same stroke, such as one that refers to a technology of 3D recognition through standardized radiation (something related to the TrueDepth camera, certainly) and another one related to wireless transmission of audio sources (certainly related to the HomePod).