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Apple Retail Store in San Francisco is replacing third generation iPads with the new model

Apple announced today, during the special event that took place at the California Theater, the fourth generation of its tablet and the iPad mini. Some owners of the third generation iPad, launched in March, were irritated by the news, since their tablets with only seven months old were already "out of date".

4th generation iPad lying on its side, hand moving

As the new generation is just an update of the previous model, some owners of the old iPad may not care about the novelty. And, for those who were irritated, good news: an Apple Retail Store in San Francisco is exchanging "old" iPads for the new version.

According to CNET, at least one official Apple store is offering the new model to anyone who bought the third generation iPad in the past 30 days. However, this policy is individual and may not be adopted by other points of sale, mainly and what matters most to us speaking in Brazil.

On a related note, consumers are canceling the pre-purchase of the brand new Microsoft Surface due to the announcement of the new iPads, also according to CNET. Before the keynote, the first tablet manufactured by Microsoft was completely sold out, but now some versions have a 1-2 week lead time from the warehouse.