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Apple Music for Artists brings panel full of information and demographic analysis of the platform for artists

We generally see Apple's efforts to make the Apple Music It is more attractive and easy to use for its consumers, but it is good to remember that the company also has all the interest in the world in making its platform a favorite of musicians, content producers and stadiums for obvious reasons.

Therefore, as informed by Billboard, Ma is launching a new tool called Apple Music for Artists It is a kind of ?control panel? aimed at everyone who has some content on the platform, from independent artists and small stadiums to the big figures in the industry. The idea is to provide all of them with a complete analysis of the performance of their creations in a simple and well thought out interface.

Apple Music for Artists, new platform analysis tool

According to the report, the depth of the information contained in the panel is inversely proportional to its apparent simplicity. In addition to the face information displayed in bold letters on the home screen (total number of reproductions, sales of songs and records, and recently achieved brands, for example), it is possible to make extremely granularized analyzes based on a number of factors.

Artists can click on the 115 countries where Apple Music is available to get local statistics for each; select cities individually and analyze which songs are most played in each one. Demographic separation goes even further, for example, to find out how many times women between 16 and 24 years old listened to a specific song in Los Angeles!

The panel also brings all playlists cured by Apple that contain one or more songs by the artist accessing the platform, with the number of reproductions in the list and their performance over time.

It is good to note, however, that at least for now the tool does not include financial data about the artists' library. According to the matter, Apple considered adding this information, but the calculation of royalties it proved to be very complex for this type of tool, so for now the figures will be left out of the interface.

THE Billboard He added that Apple Music for Artists is late for competitors such as Spotify, Pandora and even YouTube for more than two years, but offers possibilities that none of its competitors' tools bring. With it, artists can have a much better view of the return of their work and set up turns, setlists and more effective promotional actions in different locations with different audiences; Independent musicians and the local scene will benefit even more from having tools that they would never have obtained without the help of a large studio or the like.

For now, the resource has been released at a preliminary stage for "a few thousand" artists, but it should reach everyone who publishes on Apple Music over the next few months.

via 9to5Mac