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Apple confirms launch event for new iPhones for September 12 [atualizado]

What was expected was finally confirmed today. Apple has just invited the press to a special event that happens on the day September 12th (Wednesday), on Steve Jobs Theater auditorium inside Apple Park, the company's main campus in Cupertino (California).

Apple special event invitation

Scheduled for 10am in the morning by the local time (14h, in the time of Braslia), the event will most likely be the stage for the presentation of three new models of iPhones (one of 5.8 ?, one of 6.1 ? and another of 6 , 5 ?), in addition to the newest generation of Apple Watch. Perhaps Apple will also use it to launch the AirPower and the AirPods wireless charging case (accessories that were announced in 2017, but have yet to show up).

If the invitation brings us any clue, that the iPhone, this year, will also have the option in golden color. ?

O MacMagazine, as always, will make the full coverage of the keynote more information about it soon. ?

May the main news of 2018 come from Apple!

via @reckless

Update 08/30/2018 s 13:47

Apple has already tried to air the live broadcast page of the event. page for the broadcast of the Apple special event (September 2018)

In it, the company informs that it will be possible to use the following devices to watch presentation: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running Safari on iOS 10 or later; Mac using Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 or later; PC using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge; other platforms will also be able to access the streaming using recent versions of Chrome or Firefox (requires MSE, H.264 and AAC).

With Apple TV, you can choose to either watch the Apple Events app or via AirPlay (playing content from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac) to your TV. In that case, you will need a second generation or later Apple TV with the updated operating system.