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$ AAPL closes again in historical record: US $ 217.94

After some ups and downs last week, after the penultimate record set on August 17, Apple shares decided to open this week closing at a new historical maximum of $ 217.94.

A $ AAPL closed the day up 0.82%, peaking during the NASDAQ price of $ 218.73. This figure, however, was not historical; on 8/20 it hit $ 219.18, but ended up closing that day at $ 215.46.

With today's high, Apple's market value is now at $ 1,053 rail. Meanwhile, Amazon is worth $ 940.2 billion and Alphabet (Google) is worth $ 868.8 billion.

And we still have a little more than two weeks to go, even when Ma is expected to hold a special event to present the newest iPhones.