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25 open innovation projects in progress. Beta-i achieves one third of its business goal for 2020

It is therefore important to know how to manage this transformation. Collaborate with startups in a concrete way for this purpose, through the open innovation programs managed by Beta-i, a response that is both flexible and pragmatic for these challenges that we believe will intensify in the next three years ", he says.

Millennium BCP, Siemens, Galp, EDP and SIBS are some of the companies operating in Portugal that have been developing collaborative innovation projects with Beta-i, an organization that also has a network of tens of thousands of startups around the world. Investors, public institutions and university research centers are also part of this ecosystem, which over the past decade has helped more than 900 startups to develop their business, among which are Portuguese such as Uniplaces, Unbabel and UpHill.

The outlook for the traditional model of organizations' research and innovation departments changed from the 2000s onwards, with the multiplication of startups and new business models. Currently, open innovation projects aim to generate profit relationships between companies and startups, through a direct collaboration between the technological system and the business fabric.