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Take the ride on this site and find out more about carsharing around the world

Carsharing is already a reality in many countries, including Portugal. But why is this service growing globally and what are the prospects for the future? The Future of Carsharing website helps to analyze the issue through an interactive platform that takes you back in time through a car trip.

Generally, this means of transport was associated with an independent lifestyle where freedom was guaranteed. However, the truth is that, in addition, it is increasingly considered as an asset that translates into large expenses and even a "burden". Carsharing is a relatively recent alternative to social mobility and this same "new era" that the site explores.

The first stop explains the types of carsharing: the peer to peer, the business for the consumer and the non-profit service. As for the positive impacts on planet Earth, the guarantee of the platform, based on data from consultancy Frost & Sullivan, that in 2009 carsharing avoided 482,170 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, half the weight of the famous Golden Gate bridge in California, U.S.

The Future of Carsharing

Along the "journey" by four wheels it is also possible to have access to other information, which demonstrate the growing importance of this service. According to data from the Fast Company compiled on this website, also in 2009, and for the first time, the number of Americans who sold their car was higher than those who bought it.

But why is this market growing? Savings appear as the main factor, with convenience and the guarantee of parking remaining, at a time when the average use of a car is only one hour a day and that of monthly expenses exceeds 715 dollars.

Along the way, the online platform also introduces the main carsharing services in some countries. Although Portugal is not included, the truth is that the information available on the website helps to understand the growing importance of this alternative on a global level and also in the country.