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Survey: iPhone and iPad users spent $ 11.5 billion on apps in the fourth quarter of 2017 alone

It is no longer possible to imagine a world without apps and app stores. More and more, they surround us on all sides and, every day, more and more developers are forming. All of this, of course, contributes to a very large growth, year by year, and that most likely will not stop.

THE Annie app, one of the largest statistical firms in the world of smartphone applications, recorded the numbers for the fourth quarter of 2017 of the two most popular stores, the App Store it's the Google Play, and published everything just yesterday.

Annie consumer spending app

With regard specifically to revenue generated by applications, the firm realized that there was a year-on-year growth of 20% for both app stores. And, as we can already predict (based on other research that revealed last year?s numbers), the revenue generated by apps on the App Store was much higher than that of Google Play: iOS users spent about $ 11.5 billion on apps only in the fourth quarter of last year, while those using the app store on Android spent 2x less.

The countries that contributed a lot with these numbers were the United States (which grew the most), followed by Taiwan (iOS) and South Korea (Google Play land from Samsung, we cannot forget); third was Germany, with a good performance in both stores.

When it comes to downloads, the usual story changes dramatically: Google Play got 19 billion of downloads only in the last quarter, which is 145% higher than the number of iOS. The countries that contributed to the 10% year-on-year growth of the Android app store were India, Indonesia and our Brazil is very predictable. Incidentally, India achieved the feat of surpassing the US in combined downloads of iOS and Android for the first time in the fourth quarter.

The firm also said that, worldwide, the categories of applications that grew the most were ?Games?, ?Finanas? and ?Personalization?. The ?Finanas? category also came in second place on iOS, showing that people are really looking for more financial interactions, banking, investment apps, interest in cryptocurrencies and things like that.

App Annie downloads

Well, that old story: the year goes by, the quarters change, but the App Store remains ahead when it comes to revenue generated by apps; in downloads, who leads Google Play. The numbers are increasing and the developers are the winners (and the stores themselves, of course). ?

via TechCrunch