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See how the new Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x zoom works

The new Galaxy S20 Ultra has four cameras and an impressive 100x zoom. See how this is possible

On the last day 11/02 to Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. However, a top notch feature S20 Ultra drew attention. The smartphone has four lenses and 100x zoom, which was named Space Zoom (or spatial zoom, in free translation).

Although it does not produce perfectly sharp images, the feature is impressive since it allows 100 times more enlarged photos. All of this done on a cell phone with a small camera sensor. The possibility of such extreme zooms has already been followed up with the Huawei delivering 50x zoom and using the same method as Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Galaxy S20 UltraThe Galaxy S20 Ultra is the first smartphone in the world to bring 100x zoom

It is important to note that, in the world of photography, absurd amounts of zoom are already known in powerful (and more expensive, of course) cameras. But how Samsung managed to introduce a 100x zoom on a smartphone?

Galaxy S20100x zoom possible thanks to 48 and 108 megapixel lenses

First it is important to understand that images like this are captured by means of focal length, that the measurement of the center of the lens and the point of light to be collected. The focal length is not exclusive to cameras and can be found in contact lenses, microscopes and telescopes. On a camera DSLR (professional), for example, it can still be adjusted.

In case of Galaxy S20 Ultra, a Samsung he worked in a periscopic camera style system, considering that the cell phone is thin and with immobile mechanisms, unlike a DSLR camera. As a result, the smartphone's lenses are perpendicular to the device's structure, providing more space. The sensor of the S20 Ultra does not receive light directly. Therefore, this light (register) reflects 90 degrees through a prism and, with that, the magic is done. Basically, your photo is taken at the top of the smartphone and then it goes down to the sensor.

Samsung Galaxy-S20 Ultra

To get to the 100x zoom, the company relied on the combination of hybrid optical zoom and super resolution zoom technology. With the quad camera, two powerful lenses (48 MP and 108 MP) are responsible for capturing as much detail as possible. Then, a software goes into the act of gathering everything and delivering the photograph.


In the images below it is possible to see the result in the practice of the 100x zoom of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Despite the effort not to produce blurred records, the Samsung admits that, when it reaches 100x, the image loses a bit of quality, which is understandable for such a device.

Source: Android Central.