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See a side-by-side comparison of the technical specifications of the new iPads (including the mini) against their competitors

Apple's entry into the tablet segment with small screens was marked by the announcement of the iPad mini. During this Tuesday's special event, the company also announced the fourth generation iPad.

The staff of iMore compiled two tables, which show the technical specifications of Apple tablets against those of its competitors.

iPad mini

Table - iPad mini vs. competition

4th generation iPad

Table - iPad 4th generation vs. competition

From these tables it is possible to say that the iPad mini is the thinnest of all tablets, as well as the lightest too. In turn, the fourth generation iPad is the heaviest, but it has the screen with the largest amount of pixels per inch and its thickness is second only to that of the younger brother.

In addition, iPads run iOS 6, considered the best operating system for tablets on the market. They also have the App Store, the largest app store in the world.

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