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Safari 11.1, available on iOS 11.3 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, will bring important news

As expected, the versions IOS 11.3 and 10.13.4 for macOS, made available yesterday in the first beta version, brought a series of news long awaited by users. Among them we have the Safari 11.1, new version of Apple's browser that comes with some important additions and security improvements.

As shared by Apple's software engineer (and one of the leaders of the Safari development team), Ricky Mondello, the new version of the browser is the first to bring support for new video standard inline intended to replace GIFs, as explained in this article. With this, the browser can save a lot in both data and energy.

Furthermore, on iOS specifically, the AutoFill (autocomplete) of credentials will also work on web views within apps ie if an app opens a web window for login and password entry, the saved information will automatically enter, as if you were in the browser, saving users valuable time. ??

Other changes include a new specification, called Service Workers, which allows scripts in the background run offline applications; new payment and folder upload APIs, and automatic camera access to websites saved on the home screen. In the security, the browser will also display a very clear warning to users who enter credit card information on unsafe pages, warning against the possibility of fraud.

O Reader Mode Safari also has a series of novelties among them, a new behavior that displays titles with links if the original article includes something like that.

The full list of changes and new features in Safari 11.1 can be read at this link.