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Philips launches hue, lamp controlled by iPads and iPhones / iPods touch

Lamps have been illuminating our lives for a long time, allowing us to continue working, studying or simply reading a good book as night falls. And since then, although they have evolved, they have not changed much.

hue, Philips controllable lamp

Launched today, the hue, from Philips, promises to be the evolution of this old concept, adding a dash of technology to the infamous electric lamps. In addition to being, according to the manufacturer, 80% more economical than traditional lamps, they can be controlled by iGadgets through a special application.

From LED, the hue can illuminate an environment with up to 600 lumens, in different colors ranging from conventional white to red. A device called the hue bridge connects up to 50 lamps to the internet, allowing them to be controlled from virtually anywhere in the world.

Like the LIFX lamp, the hue also adapts to your routine. You can set times for the lights to turn on or off and even specific colors for certain times, such as a romantic dinner. As the Philips lamp uses an open code standard, any developer can create their solution to control them, it is also compatible with the ZigBee open standard.

Check out the promotional video of the lamp:

The starter kit, with three lamps and a hue bridge, will cost US $ 200 and will be sold exclusively at Apple Retail Stores and at Ma's online store from Tuesday (10/30). Each additional hue costs $ 60.

(via 9to5Mac)