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New olloclip accessory allows use of special lenses in various devices

THE olloclip made fame and fortune with his special lenses for iPhones that are the joy of the notorious smartphone photographers (myself included). There was only one problem: due to the differences in formats and the positioning of the cameras in each model, you needed to invest in a new set of lenses each time you change devices. Now, no more.

The Californian company is announcing an accessory called Multi-Device Clip which, as the name implies, allows you to use the Connect X lens system (originally released for the iPhone X a few months ago) on basically any device, with or without a case, using an adjustable clip.

Olloclip Multi-Device Clip

According to the manufacturer, the maximum thickness supported by the 12mm, therefore smartphones with more robust cases, such as those from OtterBox, can stay out of the fun outside of this, almost any modern device with "common" cases can take advantage of the new olloclip creation. It is good to note that you can position the lenses on both rear and rear cameras selfie, incidentally.

The lenses of the Connect X line, just to remember, are the following:

  • Wide angle, with a viewing angle of more than 120;
  • Super wide angle, with a viewing angle of 155;
  • Telephoto, with 2x optical zoom;
  • Fisheye + macro, with spherical effect of 180 and almost microscopic magnification;
  • Macro 7x + 14x, with detailed enlargements;
  • Macro 21x, with almost microscopic magnifications without distortions.

The Multi-Device Clip will start to be sold in the next month $ 60, a value that already includes one of the lenses above your choice. The other lenses can be purchased in olloclip kits or separately, for $ 45 each. Nice, huh?

via Cult of Mac