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New mophie accessories combine wireless charging with smart design

THE mophie It is one of the most beloved manufacturers of accessories for iPhones for its external batteries, recharge cases and other accessories of high quality and refined design. Now, the Californian company (also) took advantage of the start of the electronics fair IFA 2018, in Berlin (Germany), to present his most recent creations, all of them linked to an increasingly common practice of wireless charging.

mophie charge stream pad +

O charge stream pad + (US $ 60) a relatively common charging base, with a circular design covered in non-slip rubber. It is compatible with Apple and Samsung's wireless fast charging features, offering a charging rate of up to 10W, and works with cases up to 3mm thick; here we also have an overload and overheat protection for safe operation. The base already includes a 1.5m Micro-USB cable and a plug adapter for maximum convenience.

mophie charge stream desk stand

O charge stream desk stand (US $ 70) exactly the same product, with the same specifications and accessories, but with an additional: a stand metal with feet and rubber supports for you to fit the charging base and position your smartphone in a more convenient way, both horizontally and vertically. The dock is, of course, removable, so you have the flexibility to charge your device lying down when you prefer.

mophie charge stream vent mount

We still have the charge stream vent mount ($ 70), a smartphone support for cars that fits into the panel's air outlet and also includes wireless recharging at rates of up to 10W. It is also coated with non-slip rubber and features a hand-held operation that securely holds your device, eliminating the possibility of potentially disastrous falls.

mophie powerstation wireless

Finally, the charge stream wireless powerstation an external battery that has the wireless recharge feature (here, limited rate of 5W). It has a 10W USB port for you to charge two devices at the same time; It is possible to use it still connected to the socket and, in this way, the accessory will recharge the devices it is connected to before completing the capacity of its own battery. There are two versions, the ?normal? (6,040mAh; US $ 80) and the XL (10,000mAh; $ 100).

Products except the charge stream desk stand, which arrives in September can now be purchased on the mophie website. I want to!

via MacRumors