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New aerial video shows that works at Apple Park are finished

The latest videos with the progress of the works of Apple Park left in June. At the time, we saw that the heavy lifting was almost over. Now, almost three months later, another video was shared on YouTube flying over Ma's ?spaceship? created by Alvin Shen using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

You can see that the landscaping, although it still has some ?holes? here and there, is already more vibrant. It is also possible to see several people walking (either on foot or on a bicycle) through the space and are not just construction workers, so everything suggests that Apple Park is in fact being used much more than it was three months ago. This also explains the fact that the two YouTubers who used to publish these videos monthly have not posted anything since then.

Only the fountain in the middle of the campus, which apparently remains "turned off" (this, of course, assuming it has / has a kind of fountain or something).

On September 12, Apple will once again hold an event at the Steve Jobs Theater (Apple Park auditorium) to introduce the world to the new iPhones and the new Apple Watch that we already know from official Apple photos, including.

New iPhones (Apple Park) special event invitation ring

The invitation, as we know, brings a representation of the roof of the ?spaceship? seen from above. So, as the reader bet Douglas AlexandreIt is very likely that Apple will take advantage of the start of the keynote to show a little more of the campus and announce the completion of its works. ?

tip from Leonardo Lima