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Learn how to enable dark mode on any website

Chrome extension promises to leave any website in dark mode; know how to activate

No secret to anyone that the blue light from the computer and cell phone screen can cause blindness. Increasingly, users of these devices seek to learn how to activate dark mode on any website or mobile application to avoid contact with it as much as possible.

Among dozens of Google Chrome who fail to deliver a satisfying nightly experience for users, there is an option in the browser itself that ?turns off? the dark mode on all sites. It is worth remembering that this is not an official version and the conversion may be inaccurate, but we already said that it helps a lot.

To use, first make sure that your Google Chrome be in the most updated version. Then just follow the steps below and enjoy.

How to enable dark mode in Google Chrome

Step 1: Paste the following address in your URL bar: chrome: // flags / # enable-force-dark (without spaces);

Step 1 to leave all sites in dark mode

Step 2: When opening the requested page, go to the first option (which is marked in yellow ?Force Dark Mode For Web Contents? and select ?Enabled?;

Step 2 dark mode on chrome

Step 3: Finally, the option to restart the Chrome. So, remember to save your work first.

Ready. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google and Whatsapp work very well with colors. See the results below:

Dark mode on smartphone

The same step can also be used to place all sites on the Google Chrome for smartphones in dark mode. Available for iPhones and Android, just make sure the Chrome be in the latest version. Follow the step by step below:

After restarted, all sites will have dark mode in an unofficial way, but certainly better than normal mode. See the examples:

f in night mode and want to use it also on cell phones or other applications? So stay with us a little longer and see how to put all Google apps in night mode and how to enable dark mode in Windows 10.

Source: Techradar