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Just Mobile presents two different supports for MacBooks, AluRack and AluBase

As always working on products with great taste, Just Mobile recently announced two new supports for MacBooks.

The first AluRack:

Just Mobile - AluRack

With it, you can ?hide? a MacBook (or anything else, like an external HDD) behind iMacs and Cinema / Thunderbolt Displays. The design is very tasteful and mixes aluminum with plastic, with the good news that everything indicates that it will continue to be compatible with the newly released iMacs.

The other product to AluBase:

Just Mobile - AluBase

Also made of the same materials, it sits on the table and allows you to position any closed MacBook (Air / Pro) vertically, especially for those who use it connected to an external monitor.

AluRack has a suggested price of US $ 60, while AluBase costs a little less, US $ 50. Soon we will put our hands on these products and bring our impressions to you.