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iPhone Xs: concept imagines how the promotional video of the device will be

I was a little uncertain about the use of the term ?concept? in the title, because we have already seen an official photo of the iPhone Xs, but at least the idea of ??the video itself is still conceptual, so let's go.

Taking advantage of hype last week?s leak, the artist Gunho Lee created, for the channel ConceptsiPhone from YouTube, an Apple promotional video concept for the iPhone Xs.

As expected, the device's design base will be the same as the current iPhone X. The two big news will be a larger model, with a 6.5-inch screen (which may not be called ?Plus?), and the new golden color. highlighted on video. Not to mention, of course, the "cheapest" model with a 6.1-inch LCD screen that can come in several colors which, fortunately, have not yet leaked in photos.

Apple's special event to present its new smartphones is scheduled for the next 12th.

via Cult of Mac