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Instagram will warn of screen recording in the stories, will allow images of any size; Snapchat stories can be shared via link

Week after week (not to say ?day after day?), the Instagram lana news for your application.

After allowing the user to know when someone takes a screenshot of their stories, now the same happens with screen recordings, which is possible from iOS 11 through the Control Center.

Therefore, the previous warning has been changed to ?the next time you take a screenshot or record the screen, the person who posted the story can see it ?, as released by WABetaInfo. When someone does one of the two things in your story, you will see a different icon next to the person's name.

"Instagram "Instagram

In addition to this feature, Instagram made official what we have already mentioned: from now on, you will be able to use several animated GIFs as stickers in photos or videos in your stories.

"Instagram "Instagram

And, as if the avalanche of resources was not enough, the company announced that, in the coming weeks, users will also be able to add any video or photo size to their stories, whether horizontally or vertically.

Instagram stories sizes

, it is not enough to ?steal? all the resources of the Snapchat, Instagram really wants to overcrow to improve the app more and more

Snapchat lets you share stories

Although it seems, Snapchat (still?) Is not dead, guys.

Perhaps for survival instinct, the application now allows public stories, from the ?Discover? or ?Our Story? section (by subject or location), to be shared through a link that can be opened in any browser.

Snapchat link sharing

The version of the application that comes for both iOS and Android with these features is still being tested in the UK, Canada and Australia, and may be released worldwide in the coming weeks.

Although Instagram today has 300 million active users, Snapchat continues to struggle to maintain its 178 million through several changes that are being thought of for the app.

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via 9to5Mac, Tecnoblog, TechCrunch