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Google News allows you to display stories in two languages ​​in the feed

Google News allows you to display articles in two languages ??in the feed

Nowadays it is common for people to consume content in two or more languages. With that in mind, Google implemented in its Google News app an interesting option for this audience. It is now possible to configure the application to show news in two languages. In this way, it is easier to follow on certain topics that are generally only found in a certain language.

There are several situations in which reading news in two languages ??would make it easier for the person to consume the desired content. An example is a foreigner who lives in another country, where you may feel the need to read both news from the place where you are living and news from your homeland. Another case is when a specific content type is found only in a certain language, that is, now the person will now have the option of reading his news normally in the language of his land and in the language he wants to read about his preferred content.

It is important to note that even when adding a new language, preferences for reading certain topics based on the user's research activity will be maintained. That is, both in the native language and in the foreign language, Google personalization will be applied according to the individual's activity. This feature is being expanded by the company little by little in the Google News app for Android and iOS, where it is currently available in 141 countries and has 41 language options.

Even with this new feature, it does not mean that the person will receive reliable and quality news, but Google is working to make it appear to the user in some way. Comment below and share with us your opinion regarding this new feature implemented by the company in its news app.

Source: Engadget, Google Blog