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Farrago: discover the new soundboard app for Mac, by Rogue Amoeba

Rogue Amoeba, the company that creates great audio solutions, is launching yet another incredible option for those who work in the area or are just venturing into sound manipulation.

After updating the Fission app, they have now announced the launch of a simple and useful solution to facilitate the work of podcasters, broadcasters and others in the area: get to know the app Farrago.


Those who work with podcasts, radio recording or go through other situations in which it would be very useful to use various audio effects for quick access (such as presentations, in the theater for some sound effects, among other things), it is a little difficult to find a good one. solution.

There are several apps of this type for iPads including a part of it for GarageBand as it is easy to handle different sounds with a touch screen. The reality, however, is different when it comes to Macs. Although there are some options on the Mac App Store, I realized that the usability and interface don't seem as attractive as you would like.

In the Farrago app, the design is fully compatible with the latest versions of macOS, with a very visual clean and all options are quite seen / easy to find. In addition, any layman or beginner in the app can quickly understand how it works and its features.

At the main "table", you have access to various sounds, sound effects, music or any type of audio you want to add to use. In the example bands, they are already colored in a different scheme, but you can change the color at any time in the tab "Inspector" in it you see all the options related to a sound, such as volume, color, note, duration fade in and fade out and more.

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<p>By double clicking on the sound, you can hear it and can stop it at any time with another two clicks on it (or by the <em>play / pause</em> at the <em>Inspector</em>). As the app's primary intention is to play a sound at an exact time and instantly, keyboard shortcuts are used for this function: just drag the sound to any area of ??the table to see the keys that can be used to play and pause someone. audio.</p>
<p>In a tab in the right corner, you can also see a list of several <em>sets</em>this, you can prepare a <em>soundboard</em> with different audio for different contexts you want to use, which avoids having to assemble and disassemble a sound scheme all the time; when you need, just select another <em>set</em>.</p>
<p>Adding a new sound is really easy: you can click <em>"Add Sound"</em> and search your Mac for audio, or you can just drag it from the Finder to the app that it automatically adds. And if the audio is very large, you can also not <em>Inspector</em>  delimit the area of ??the sound you want to use, being able to modify it whenever you want, without having to use other applications to cut or patch the audio. Another feature of the app is to select a sound (or several at once) and, with the shortcut C and V, it is possible to copy and paste to duplicate as well as use Delete to delete.</p>
<p>If you already use other Rogue Amoeba solutions, such as Loopback, you can enjoy a very simple configuration to use all the necessary apps in your production.</p>
<p>Would you like to test Farrago? You can: download the test version (with hisses) from this link (ZIP) or buy directly from the website with a launch promotion for US $ 40 (therefore, the price will increase to US $ 50).</p>
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