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Create a GIF to your liking? In this app creativity has no limits

The time when the only element of messages on the Internet was just text has passed history and now there are many resources that can make conversations "understandable" even without words, including emojis or stickers. But GIFS are also an option used by many users and with the GIF Creator app it is easier to produce new "works of art".

There is no doubt that on platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp or InstaDirect you can choose between several GIFS. However, the likelihood of not finding one entirely to your liking can be great and therefore nothing is better than creating your own.

The GIF Maker application allows you to create GIFS using content such as an image, video or printscreen. From there, you can, for example, combine multiple images into a GIF and compress the final result to reduce the file size, with the app offering several options and allowing you to share them on social networks, namely on Messenger, Facebook or WhatsApp.

In addition, edit another application option. Adjusting the playback speed or changing the amplitude are some of the features of the GIFS creator.

The application is free and available on the Google Play Store, but with the premium version you can have access to exclusive features.

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