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Concept brings good ideas to iOS 12, such as “Guest Mode”, grouping of notifications and more

Ah, concepts

There is simply no lack of concepts for Apple products and software. And, with the proximity of iOS 12 (most likely to be presented at WWDC in June), they obviously start popping up several "solutions" around the world. And many of them do not bring crazy implementations, of things unattainable by Apple designers and developers, no. These are occasional improvements in some points of the operating system that really bother users and, in my opinion, should have already been adopted by Apple.

The ball comes from the Instagram profile @AscendingNews.

Non-intrusive system actions

Here we focus on redesigning the system's actions, such as incoming calls and volume control, to be less intrusive, obstructing the content on the screen as little as possible.

Screen always on with complications

On the iPhone X, which has an OLED screen, it makes sense to have a display with a black background showing only important information such as the time and any other information chosen by the user (in this case, the weather forecast).

Grouped notifications

That's one of the main complaints of iOS and I just don't understand why Apple hasn't done it yet. Grouping notifications is basic, with very beneficial consequences (more screen space for more information).

Customizable layout with widgets

This, knowing Apple, I would say that it is practically impossible to happen. But there it is: a way for you to customize the layout of the home screen, including the possibility of placing widgets on it.

Extended iCloud storage

This is nothing more than an extended storage management system concept that provides 50GB of free space on iCloud and allows the user to intuitively manage storage, files and applications to free up space.

More news

Above we have an overview of the concept, going through what we already talked about and also three relevant news: a ?Guest Mode? ("Guest Mode") where the person would have access to only certain areas of the system; a turbocharged battery saver; and protection with Touch / Face ID to open certain applications.

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via 9to5Mac