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Apple wants to revamp its virtual book store to challenge Amazon again [atualizado]

Amazon is for books like Apple is for music.

Even though it suffered from actions and research in the literary market, this does not mean that Ma abandoned digital books. The proof of this that, according to Bloomberg, the company wants to redesign the application Books yes, on iOS 11.3 the iBooks app is now called Books, a trend (the removal of the "i" from the names) that seems inevitable.

iBooks is now called BooksiBooks is now called Books | Image: Marcelo Melo

The new application, which will probably be launched in the coming months probably with iOS 11.3, has a simpler interface that highlights the books being read (a new tab entitled "Reading Now", or ?Lendo Agora?), bring a more beautiful store (inspired by the new look of the App Store) and a tab dedicated to audiobooks.

Also according to Bloomberg, this being the biggest update for Apple's ebook service, she even hired the former senior vice president and general manager of Audible (an Amazon company) Kashif Zafar, which now acts as the global head of books at Apple.

Currently, the e-commerce giant has about 83% of that market, a considerable increase compared to the 74% it had in mid-2015, according to AuthorEarnings (which monitors book sales for writers and other industry participants). Although Amazon has always dominated this market, supremacy has in fact increased after all the controversy surrounding Apple's pricing in the ebook market.

Update by Rafael Fischmann 01/25/2018 s 15:10

Searching the Books app files on iOS 11.3 beta 1, our acquaintance Guilherme Rambo found a series of new cones that corroborate the matter above the Bloomberg.

New Apple Books cones

There is a specific icon for such a tab "Reading Now", and other features like Want to Read, Award Winners, Staff Picks and Rave Reviews.