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Apple touches $ 1.1 trillion while Tim Cook has amassed more than $ 700 million since becoming CEO

For the fourth consecutive day, $ AAPL closed with a new historical record today $ 225.03, after an increase of 0.92%.

It fired much more during the day, reaching a peak of $ 228.26 which brought its market value to more than $ 1.1 rail. When closing the NASDAQ nail, however, Apple was in only $ 1,087 rail.

In August alone, the $ AAPL accumulated an incredible 19% increase.

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Whoever has laid down and rolled with Apple's shares its CEO, Tim Cook. Just yesterday, we reported that he sold $ 57.8 million in company papers, after receiving a millionaire bonus and also making a generous donation of $ 5 million.

O Business Insider took a look at what Cook has accumulated since becoming CEO of Apple in 2011, and concluded that he has already won over $ 650 million in stocks company in addition to others $ 50 million in wages and other compensation.

Among the great CEOs of the technology world, only Mark Zuckerberg, from Facebook, made (absurdly) more than he did in this period alone with shares, estimated at about US $ 5.8 billion.