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Apple releases Logic Pro X version 10.4 with over 2,000 new features, including automatic progress detection

Musicians, producers and professionals from around the world, I trembled.

Apple has just released a drastic update for its recording and music production software, the Logic Pro X. According to Ma, version 10.4 brings more than 2,000 new features, including bug fixes, security updates and, of course, new features, some of which should bring tears to long-time users of the product.

Logic Pro X app icon

Take for example the most celebrated of the new tools, called Smart Weather (Intelligent Progress). Until today, when recording a piece with an instrument (say, a guitar) without a beat accompanying it, the software had problems adjusting the electronic instruments according to their tempo since, especially on string instruments, the rhythm of the music will much of the way in which the instrumentalist plays, being able to change several times along the song.

Now, with the new feature, Logic Pro X automatically detects the progress of the music at all its points, adjusting the other instruments accordingly and without major complications. This is true even for existing projects and several instruments recorded and added to a new project. Fantastic, isn't it?

Another good news is the plugin ChromaVerb, which helps users to introduce spatial and reverberation effects in their creations with an intuitive, visual and colorful interface. There are 14 different acoustic and synthetic reverberation effects, and a freezing function that ?pauses? the effect's fall, that is, a range of functions that allows creators to set their imagination at its last level. The ass is the limit!

In addition, here we have a new selection of equalizers Vintage, made to evoke the recordings of the 1970s / 80s; a new effects plugin called Phat FX adds liveliness and weight to string and percussion instruments; another, called Step FX, automatically filters filters throughout the recording to add rhythm. As usual, several new types of instruments were added, including drums, synthesizers and guitars.

Logic Pro X 10.4 is compatible with OS X El Capitan 10.11 or higher and requires a machine with a minimum of 4GB of RAM to function. It can be purchased on the Mac App Store for R $ 650; those who already have the software can upgrade to the new version free of charge.