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Apple fails in new chapters of disputes against Qualcomm and VirnetX

By now, it is understandable that you have completely lost the thread in the follow-up to the more, say, thorny legal battles of Apple until I, who work with it, have difficulties. But precisely for what we are here: we are now going to show the most recent developments of two polemical cases.

Apple vs. Qualcomm

If you remember the last details of the novel, the most recent intention of the Qualcomm in its patent infringement dispute with Ma to ban imports of iPhones and iPads to the United States on the grounds that they violate the country's intellectual property laws. For this, they filed a request with the International Business Commission (International Trade Commission) from the US involving a ?limited exclusion order? for all iPhones equipped with Intel modems (which are the subject of the lawsuit).

Apple customers, then, have filed a new lawsuit on top of all existing ones demanding that Qualcomm's action to pave the way for the banning of iPhones imports be blocked. And now, yes (whew!), This week's news comes in: Judge Lucy Koh, who has been the supervisor of the whole process, has barred this from consumers, that is, Qualcomm is free to follow through with its request for ban.

The action may be moved again in the future, if the accusers maintain their position. Let's see how this situation looks up there.

Apple vs. VirnetX

J in relation (widely considered) patent troll VirnetXthings are also not going particularly well for Apple. In the most recent court decision involving the dispute between the companies, Ma was forced to pay more than $ 500 million in her fee, although some legal details could get the company to get rid of the fine.

Ma then requested a retrial so that the judges (possibly) reevaluated the decision, but now we know that the company faced the wall: Judge Robert Schroeder of the Eastern Texas District Court denied the request of the Apple and, in practice, closed the case in that instance.

Of course, now, Apple's solution (and the path it will surely take) is to go to a higher level, but we will have to wait and see when and how it happens. The fact that the decision made VirnetX's shares soar more than 15% and the company certainly goes with even more force for a probable next step of this novel, that is, we will have to wait for the scenes of the next chapters.

via Cult of Mac, 9to5Mac