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Apple autonomous vehicle gets involved in accident in California

That an increasing number of vehicles equipped with the autonomous steering system from Apple are running in the testing phase on the streets of the United States, the most novelty for anyone. It is also a known fact that Ma had a series undefeated in the area, without any of its cars having ever been involved in an accident until now, as reported by Bloomberg.

Recently, one of the company's vehicles was involved in a light collision on a road near Cupertino (California). Apparently, the Lexus RX450h from Ma was at very low speed at an intersection, trying to enter the flow of an express highway, when a Nissan Leaf at 25 km / h came from behind it and crashed, causing damage to both cars. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The accident happened on the afternoon of the last 24th, but has now only appeared in the California Department of Traffic records (California Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV) by law, companies that test autonomous vehicles need to report on all incidents that occur with their cars, however small.

Congratulations Apple for reporting your first collision involving an autonomous car prototype. This record refers to an entry on the highway. Don't worry, it's hard for everyone!

Unlike the unfortunate recent episode of the Uber test car, the incident is unlikely to have any negative effect on Apple's tests either because it did not cause harm to people or because it was apparently caused by the other vehicle involved. Less bad then.

According to the DMV, Apple today has 66 test vehicles in California.

via MacRumors