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ZAGG launches wireless keyboard that you can use with any device

THE ZAGG, owner of the manufacturer of accessories mophie and creator of the famous films InvisibleShield, also has a line of branded accessories with some very interesting uses. Recently, the manufacturer presented its most recent creation: the ZAGG Flex Universal Keyboard and Stand, a small wireless keyboard designed to work with all your devices and give you more productivity every day.

ZAGG Flex Universal Keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard

The keyboard is about 23 centimeters long, being slightly smaller than traditional models (like the ones you would find on a MacBook, for example) but quite compact and large enough to accommodate even tablets close to 13 inches, like the iPad Pro. Its detachable ?cover? that, when the device is not in use serves as a protection for the keys, can be folded and used to support your device (be it a tablet or smartphone) at an ideal typing angle.

The Bluetooth connection ensures that the keyboard connects to basically any device, be it an iOS or Android smartphone / tablet, a computer or even a modern smart TV. In fact, ZAGG has added a switch here that allows you to instantly switch between two devices, for maximum convenience.

With backlit keys and a battery that lasts up to a year between recharges (based on an hour's use per day without backlight, that is), the new ZAGG accessory can be a good option for anyone who wants a keyboard for all times and everyone the devices. The price is also not scary: $ 80 at the manufacturer's online store currently in pre-sale, with deliveries starting on the 19th of next.

via 9to5Mac