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YouTube Music is releasing music upload tool (no subscription required)

Mobile phone with YouTube Music open. Source: 9to5googleMobile phone with YouTube Music open. Source: 9to5google

Recently, an explanation about how to upload music to the streaming platform appeared on the Google support page, more specifically in the YouTube Music section. With this, it was confirmed that soon the company intends to release for everyone the ability to add tracks to the user's personal library. As explained on the website, simply drag the file to the tab where the music service is open ( via the "upload music" button).

The new tool will allow the user to listen to the downloaded music even without subscribing to YouTube Premium

The new tool is capable of reading music files in FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG and WMA formats. In addition, it will be possible to listen to the music transferred to the platform in the background, without advertisements and offline, even if the user does not subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. The user can also, if he wants, play his playlists or albums on smart speakers like Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini.

Despite the interesting possibilities of playing music by storing the files on Google's streaming service, they can only be heard through your account (others will not be able to access the tracks). Even if the user shares a playlist, it will not be possible to listen to it.

With this implementation and others from YouTube Music, Google has decided that it will end its Google Play Music service later this year. But don't despair, as the company has promised to create a way to transfer all of its music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. It is not yet known when this option will be made available to users of the company's old music streaming service, but at least it is known that it is already being developed.

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Source: engadget, 9to5google, YouTube Music

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