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Want to help NASA build a rover to explore Venus? You can qualify for a prize of $ 15,000

After presenting the theory that Viruses could have been habitable, NASA wants to start exploring the planet and intends to send a rover that is capable of navigating its inspired landscapes.

The space agency needs help to develop a sensor that will allow the vehicle to avoid obstacles and, therefore, has launched a challenge to the worldwide community of space exploration enthusiasts. The three best proposals could qualify for awards totaling 30,000 dollars, with the team that will be ranked first having the opportunity to collaborate with NASA in the construction of the sensor for the rover.

The twin planet of Earth has been puzzling scientists for a long time. However, its exploration presents itself as a real challenge. In all, only the Soviet probes Venera and Vega and the Venus Pioneer mission were able to withstand, albeit momentarily, its temperatures above 450 C, its atmosphere with a pressure capable of crushing a submarine and its clouds of acid. sulfur.

According to NASA, even cutting-edge military-grade technology becomes obsolete on Viruses. Thus, the exploration vehicle, an Automaton Rover for Extreme Environments (AREE) presents mechanisms that allow it to be in extreme conditions on the planet for months, collecting data about its atmosphere and surface.

Example of an AREE proposed by NASA Credits: NASA

To detect and circumvent obstacles such as rocks, cracks and steeper surfaces, AREE needs a special sensor that is not based on an electrical system, which would be very vulnerable to the conditions of the planet.

Those interested in helping NASA find a solution can submit their proposal on the HeroX page until May 29, following the competition rules contained therein. The three finalists will be chosen between June 1st and July 2nd, the results of which will be announced on July 6th.

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