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TikTok Adds Family Safety Mode to the app

TikTok Adds Family Safety Mode to the app

The app, which ranked first in the U.S. when we talk about sharing short videos last year, also faced for investigation and paid fines for its collection and handling of user data.

In particular, the concern focused on how the application had been impacting younger users. Now, there will be more controls than ever to ensure a safer experience.

The first and biggest new feature of TikTok called "Family Safety Mode", as the name implies, offers a safer experience for the service. Specifically, it allows for greater segmentation for deeper parental control.

Within the app, with TikTok Family Safety Mode enabled, parents can control screen time, contact between users and restrictions. The first self-explanatory feature, allowing parents to set strict daily limits on the general use of TikTok for their children.

Screen Time Management and Restricted Mode are now availableScreen Time Management and Restricted Mode are now available

Direct Messaging controls are also present. As with many popular communication apps, this allows parents to limit who can send messages to the connected account. Or, if you prefer, direct messages can be completely disabled.

The ultimate feature of Family Safety Mode is called Restricted Mode. In short, this allows parents to control the age content shown to their children. If the content is not appropriate for all audiences, it will not be displayed.

The second feature announced by TikTok today may not be such a big impact, but it is certainly important. Last year, the company launched tools to allow users to access "Digital Wellness" resources and manage their daily time on the screen. It is now possible to do this in the TikTok feed.

Screen time management in the feed is a collaborative effort with the main TikTok content creators. In summary, TikTok now displays the "You are in control" security videos that act as reminders for users about screen time in the app.

They will appear as "exclusive prompts about the rest of the content" in an attempt to keep users aware of how long they have been in the application.

The overall goal here is not to force screen time for all users, but to ensure that they also take some time out of the app. effectively a more passive way for TikTok to ask its users "how much time have you spent here today?" So it remains in the hands of users whether or not to limit themselves.

Today TikTok is launching these features first in the UK, probably by means of an update the feature will arrive soon. However, Family Safety Mode and time management in the feed already appear here for me, so you can also have access now.

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