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TEK Tip: Technology that will help you stay in shape

Smart watches and activity bracelets may be the most popular gadgets when it comes to technology and fitness, but there are countless other devices that use apps and sensors to collect crucial indicators for those who want to lose weight, optimize training, establish new personal goals or simply follow a more active lifestyle.

Indicators such as calories, speed, visceral fat level, bone mass, water content, body fat rate, energy, stress or fatigue levels, help design training, diet, muscle recovery and rest plans fully adjusted to the needs of each person, and as such, more efficient.

The daily monitoring and management of activities, and of some behaviors, also help to correct several errors in terms of food, training or personal organization that can compromise the estimated results and harm very important variables such as motivation, for example.

Here are some technological options that can help you achieve good results more easily. Click on the images to see the details