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Polymail email client now has a web interface

O Polymail one of those well-trained and complete email clients, capable of fighting on an equal footing with others in the market in order to become the standard application for you to check your messages on both iOS and macOS he even participated in our comparison and (spoilers!) did very, very well!

An advantage that some competitors have (like, for example, Outlook, Gmail and Apple's own Mail) and that was an absence in Polymail was the ability to check your messages through a web interface. I particularly use it very little, but there is always that moment when you are, for example, traveling and disconnected on both your smartphone and notebook. A, there's no way: I need to appeal to the hotel's PCzo and get that blessed information that you forgot to write down / print.

Realize that my phrase about the absence of this possibility is in the past. Well: this week, Polymail was powered up and now it has a beautiful web interface!

Polymail Web

According to them, Polymail Web has interesting features including advanced search, a kind of command center in which you use the J shortcuts and can do basically anything by simply typing what you want to do (for now, in English), entry of semantic commands / actions (that is, you write what you want and he recognizes the action, for example: ?Lunch to discuss a secret MacMagazine project on Friday? and he already creates the event in question for now, again , in English only), synchronization with Microsoft and Google calendars, and more!

In addition, they reported that the iOS app has been completely rewritten, with a focus on speed, reliability and user experience. Users of the macOS app can expect that, according to the company, they will already benefit from the same news. .

Polymail Web can be accessed via the URL.

Polymail app icon

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via TechCrunch