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Nubank customer loses R $ 12,000 in scam

Nubank customer loses R $ 12,000 in scam

We know that several scams are applied daily on the internet, many of them using Nubank as bait. However, the most recent case happened "old fashion", given that a 46-year-old client, resident in the city of Americana (SP), received a call from a fake employee asking him to send his ID photo, as someone would be trying hack into your account.

After the shipment, the criminals managed to make a loan and two transfers that resulted in a loss of R $ 12 thousand. According to the American Civil Police report, on January 21 the man received a call from the alleged employee, who made it very clear that he needed the RG to update the data, as the Nubank system was in error and that someone had tried to access your account.

Shortly thereafter, Nubank informed the client that a loan of R $ 12 thousand had been made at NuConta. This money was transferred to other accounts in two TEDs, one of which was R $ 6.3 thousand and the other of R $ 5.5 thousand. However, the man warned the bank that he had not made or authorized these transactions.

At the moment, the case is still being investigated by CPJ (Central de Polcia Judiciria). In an official statement, Nubank says that all the necessary steps have been taken. "The type of activity reported by the crime client and we will always collaborate with the competent authorities to investigate and prevent actions like this," said the company.

Finally, the fintech He also made a point of remembering that "under no circumstances do we make calls to customers requesting the sending of photos, and we never ask customers to send us their documents or other sensitive information by e-mail".