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Nano-SIM is now available in some stores of the four main Brazilian operators

To free up more space for logic boards, antennas, batteries and other components of the iPhone 5, Apple has reduced the size of its connector and the chip present in the device. Called Nano-SIM, it is even smaller than Micro-SIM, a standard adopted by the last two generations of the smartphone.

The iPhone 5 is the first smartphone to adopt the Nano-SIM standard.

Even before the iPhone 5 arrived in Brazil, the top four operators in the country Oi, TIM, Claro and Vivo reported that they are making Nano-SIM chips available in some of their stores. So whoever bought the new Apple smartphone abroad can use it in Brazil without having to cut their current chip.

Usually, the cost of chips in Brazil is a mere R $ 10.

(via ClaroBlog, INFO)