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Meet the Doxie One, a portable scanner compatible with Macs and iGadgets

Apparent known for making Doxie Go, a portable scanner that scans documents quickly and communicates with Macs, PCs and iPads.

Doxie One

Now the company has announced the Doxie One, cheaper and more compact than the Go version. The new product autonomously scans documents, photos and just about anything else on paper, and stores the data on the included SD card or sends it directly to Macs, PCs and iPads.

Supported by ABBYY OCR technology, integrated with Dropbox and Evernote, the Doxie One promises to be a complete solution for anyone who needs to scan documents on-the-go or just want a more compact and elegant solution. In addition, the device also works with AAA batteries and the conventional charger.

The Doxie One costs $ 150 on its website and will be shipped from November 29th.

(via Daring Fireball)