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"Mac Touch" concept brings Surface Studio design and touch-sensitive keyboard

Concepts are that magical place where designers, driven by our dreams and delusions, can deposit all their infinite creativity in wonderful inventions (or not) in which the rules of engineering and technical limitations do not apply. Do you want an example? Just keep reading.

The designer Antonio de la Rosa recently published on its website the concept of a so-called "Mac Touch", a kind of iMac (at least the design very similar to that of the iMac) that takes some lessons from the Microsoft Surface Studio primer to become the definitive machine for designers, illustrators and other graphic professionals. See s:

With a hinge that would basically allow you to lay down the Mac's 27 ? screen and support for Apple PencilThis Mac of the future would not only be a dream for professionals in the field of design, but also a hand on the wheel for a number of other advanced users of video editing, for example, it would be an experience completely transformed into such equipment. Even surfing the internet would be different, I guarantee.

Of course, being a traveled concept, we did not stop here: de la Rosa also included a new keyboard that is totally touch sensitive, in fact, a second screen that would stay on the table and act as a keyboard when necessary but would also serve a number of other functions , like a very expanded Touch Bar. The mouse, in turn, would be sensitive to the touch and with a shape that brings (ms) memories of Ma's ill-fated hockey puck.

Did you like it? So be sure to also check out this somewhat less traveled concept made by the Korean Lee gunho for a possible commercial for the ?iPhone 9? launch (which for some reason puts a new iPad Pro in the middle of the whole thing):

What did you think?

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