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Jennifer Bailey, head of Apple Pay, talks about the success of the payment system

That Apple made a sure move with the launch of Apple PayI believe that this is not to be questioned even though we Brazilians have not yet smelled it.

To put this success in perspective, the head of Ma's payment system, Jennifer Bailey, shared some recent figures regarding the presence and adoption of the platform.

Jennifer Bailey Apple Pay Code Commerce

The executive participated in the last conference of the National Retail Federation (National Retail Federation, or NRF) in New York, and within his speech, entitled ?The Modern Shopping Experience? (?The Modern Shopping Experience?), spoke about the small revolution that the iPhone is causing in retail by introducing a series of new possibilities, interactions and collaborations between sellers and buyers.

Physical stores are an important place where you can interact with consumers face-to-face; you can focus on interacting with consumers making applications more efficient. We can discover and buy services and products in a new way, from withdrawals to personalized recommendations, and we will continue to develop this. We are retailers ourselves and share the opportunities and challenges of this segment.

In that sense, Bailey spent a few minutes talking about the possibilities brought by the ARKit and the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X, focusing on the application of the tactic Warby Parker, which uses the system to insert thousands of models of glasses in the face of the user so that he can make his choose without having to spend hours testing one by one.

In relation to Apple Pay, Bailey as Apple has boasted a lot said that it is the world's most widely used contactless payment system, and that its vertiginous growth: at the time of its launch, about 3% of US retailers accepted the platform; today, 50% of stores in American territory already accept payments via iPhone or Apple Watch. Not to mention the internet.

Now, we are waiting for the platform to expand to other countries. Possibly further south. That start with B. Break it for us, Jennifer! #I believe

via 9to5Mac